Emily Herb

Emily Herb was born April 26,1959. She received her BFA degree in Fine Arts/Ceramics from the University of Utah in 1980 and her MA in Theatre Arts/Dance from the University of Arizona in 1993. She attended the summer Pond Farm workshops founded by Marguerite Wildenhain in 1979 and 1980. She also attended the workshops of Dean Schwarz at South Bear School in 1976 and 1977.

From 1984 to 1991, Herb was a full-time potter and owner of Touchstone Pottery in Fairbanks, Alaska. Between 1994-1998, she was a studio potter with Pottery Northwest in Seattle and from 1999 to the present is a studio potter and owner of Noekolo Street Pottery in Waimea, Hawaii.

Herb has teaching experience as an instructor of adult and parent/child pottery classes through the Parker School Continuing Education Program at Waimea, HI. She also had been an instructor of adult pottery classes at Pottery Northwest in Seattle and served an artist-in-residence at the Seattle Center Children’s Museum. Her art has been exhibited especially on the west coast.

Herb is also interested in dance and has received special training in this art including aerial dance on low flying trapezes from Robert Davidson. She also participated in the Teacher’s Certification Program of the Skinner Releasing Dance Technique in Seattle. She has had professional experience as a dancer with the Robert Davidson Dance Company in Seattle from 1994-1997 and was the producing director of a fund raising trapeze dance performance benefiting the conservation of Hawaii’s native birds in 2003.

The “Fox Star Jar” created by Herb in 2001 and donated to the Pond Farm Collection is wheel-thrown with clay added and sculpturally modeled at the leather hard stage. The design is incised with a knife and painted with slips. Glazes were applied with latex and wax resists. It was fired in an electric kiln to cone 7. The lid has a black background with white stars and a shaped crescent moon finial. The jar features a tan fox and brown fox with heads and necks formed as protruding handles. It has a black background with white stars and undulating bands of brown around the base of the jar.

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