Adolphe Marial-Potémont

Adolphe Martial-Potémont, also known as Adolphe Potémont Martial, was one of the most prolific etchers published by Alfred Cadart. Martial joined Cadart's Société des Aquafortistes in 1862, and Cadart published his Nouveau Traité de la Gravure à l'Eau-forte pour les Peintres et les Dessinateurs in 1873. A great many of Martial's etchings take his home city of Paris as their subject, starting with the 300 etchings collected as L'Ancien Paris in 1864, and including several portolios inspired by the turmoils of 1870-1871. All published by Cadart, these include Paris pendant la Siège (12 etchings), Paris Incendié (12 etchings), Paris sous la Commune (12 etchings), Les femmes de Paris pendant la guerre (15 etchings), Les Marins de la défense de Paris (16 etchings), and Les Prussiens chez nous (12 etchings), comprising six or the twelve parts of Cadart's grand publication Paris, Siège et Commune. Although he chose usually to work as A.-P. Martial, his true name was Adolphe Théodore Jules Martial Potémont. He was a pupil of Léon Cogniet and of Félix Brissot de Warville. Martial-Potémont exhibited at the Salon de Paris from 1846 to 1882. He was a friend of the Barbizon painter-etcher Charles-François Daubigny.
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