Olav Bjorgum

Olav Bjørgum (born 1934 in Valle in Setesdal) is a Norwegian artist and illustrator. He lives in Gvarv in Telemark. Bjørgum is the brother of the musician and silversmith Torleiv H Bjørgum and Olav himself is a self-taught silversmith.

Olav Bjørgum established his own graphic workshop in 1964. He has illustrated around 35 books, had many public decoration projects and particpated in a quality of exhibitions. Olav Bjørgum recieved the Church and culture Department's Illistration Prize for two of Ingeborg Refling Hagen's children's book, Fairytales and Stories from Mostua, Part II, from 1969 and, Fairytales and Stories from Mostua, Part IV, from 1970.

Bjørgum has a characteristic line and bases much of his art on inspiration from the book iGamalt or Setesdal (Old is Setesdal). This is true for, among others, the Christmas booklet, Jol I Setesdal, (Christmas in Setesdal), Which he has delivered illustrations for since it started. In addition to the front page he has a number of illustrations within the magazine, often with a caption taken from, Gamalt or Setedal.

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