Brian Perry

Brian Perry graduated from Luther College in 2005. His piece titled "Intersection" was donated to the college in December of 2008. The piece was donated in honor of Doug Eckheart and exhibited Septemper 3-October 5, 2008. The show "Celebration of Connections" saluted Doug Eckheart's time at Luther as a professor and showcased his students from 1968-2008. This particular piece by Perry depicts a view from an apartment window in Golden Vallen, MN and it consists of oil and permanent marker on canvas.
His piece "The Four Ninety Four" was purchased by Luther College in 2020. It is a cityscape with four buildings and an overpass; it is depicted in oil and permanent marker on canvas.
"Brian Perry is a painter, musician, and educator from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has an MA in Painting from Northwestern State University of Louisiana. Brian grew up in Iowa and studied painting at Luther College. His fascination with the big, open skies over the fields in Iowa has stuck with him and is evident in his work. His acrylic and oil paintings are created from combinations of scenes and moments he sees on his adventures in the upper mid-west and around the country.
Brian has worked as a middle school and high school art teacher for ten years in the Minneapolis area. His artwork has been on display at art fairs in the twin cities, coffee shops, Gallery 360, and the Northrup King Building."

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