David Stewart

David Stewart studied industrial design at San Diego State University in California. After meeting Marguerite Wildenhain at a workshop and watching her work, he decided to study with her for two years (1959 to 1961) at her Pond Farm studio. In 1962, he became her assistant teacher at Pond Farm, a position he held for many years until her retirement in 1980.

In a letter to Marguerite in 1974, now held in the Archives of the Smithsonian, Steward reflected on his meeting with Wildenhain:

"The first time I walked through the gate at Pond Farm, I sensed that there were invisible standards there and precious secrets that were not treated secretly or preciously. I read from the Master at Pond Farm words I had only read in books, ideas I firmly believe in but had never tried to live by. I saw the master living by these ideas. The integrity, simplicity, and beauty of this example have been a source of strength and inspiration to me."

After her retirement, Stewart became a full-time master potter and conducts occasional art seminars. He lives in a rural town near San Diego, but also has owned a pottery shop at Bazaar del Mundo in Old Town San Diego. In 1997, Stewart turned to painting as his medium of choice.

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