Nancy Chinn

Born in Minneapolis in 1940. She received her BA from Louis and Clark, Portland and then a Masters in ArtEd at San Francisco State. In an interview, Nancy discusses her work explores concepts of spirituality and art (initial interest started with Visual Anthropology course in college).

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Nancy Chinn is a multimedia artist who is both a painter and a creator of large, seasonal and site specific liturgical spaces.. Often this work is aerial, architectural in scale, and made from ephemeral materials for particular seasons or feasts. her liturgical work 30 years ago. The impulse was provided by frustration with imageless, symbol- impoverished, word-dependent worship in Protestant traditions. Today her work and her teaching is widely acclaimed by many Christian denominations and Jewish communities. She thrives on diversity, and has developed skills of dialogue that can build bridges across mistrust and fear. She has proven ability to listen and clarify, and provide structure for goals and priorities of hundreds of clients within the church ecumenical.

Ms. Chinn's professional life was utilized in religious settings, creating liturgical art, serving as adjunct faculty in the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, and as artist in residence in various churches and seminaries. She is a lay feminist theologian.

You can read about Nancy's ideas,and see over sixty colored pages of examples of her liturgical work in her book, Spaces for Spirit, Adorning the Church, 1998. Nine of her watercolor and mixed media works form the core of a book Wisdom Searches written with Harriet Gleeson released in November 1999, by Pilgrim Press.

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