Benjamin Cirgin

Benjamin Cirgin (b.1979) is a maker and educator who worked as a craftsman building furniture and renovating historic homes before earning his BFA in ceramics and sculpture from Indiana University Bloomington, and his MFA in studio art from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California. Benjamin’s work has representation in galleries across the country, has received numerous awards and grants in the field of art and craft, and serves as an advising board member for the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts residency program. In 2015 Benjamin co-founded the artist collective One + One + Two; four professional artists aiming to strengthen the San Francisco Bay Area arts community and beyond, providing short term residency opportunities and public programing. Benjamin is currently working as an instructor, artist in residence, and studio technician at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

I position myself (out of necessity and curiosity) as an active participant in the consumption of domestic objects, built environments, and a member of the working class community to represent an alternative engagement with the objects and processes that I find simultaneously confusing and mesmerizing. My primary purpose as a maker is to generate questions rather than taking a position that provides answers. Through constant negotiations within the urban setting and the people that inhabit those place with me, I construct unlikely sculptures, create unconventional pottery, and arrange objects, words, and ideas that disrupt the expected object and the spaces they inhabit." - Benjamin Cirgin artist statement

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