Fridtjof Schroder Collection

Luther College Collection

Luther College owns 33 works by Fridtjof Schroder, donated by the artist, his wife Caroline, and their daughter S. Caroline Strohl. These works consist of paintings (oil and watercolor), lithographs and drawings (ink, scratchboard and mixed media). Two additional Schroder works were donated by Lois Jacobson in 2003 and then another in 2014 by Schroder's nephew, David Mathieu. Many of Schroder's works are explicitly religious, with titles such as Kyrie, Gloria, Agnus Dei, Holy Spirit, Resurrection and The Burning Bush. His paintings, often quite large in size, are marked by vivid colors and broad strokes. He created both representational as well as abstract art. He wrote that he never made use of preliminary sketches. Instead, he proceeded directly to the "unmarked surface," painting spontaneously so that "the completed work can be as much a surprise as it has often been for the observer of my work." He described himself as a "wayfarer, a Faustian wanderer, along the path that is my life."

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Fridtjof Schroder