Marguerite Wildenhain Works

Luther College Collection

Our collection contains many pieces of pottery and drawings by Marguerite Wildenhain (1896-1985). Marguerite is the founder of the Pond Farm school and the first wife of Frans Wildenhain.


Marguerite Wildenhain's relationship with Luther College began with Dean Schwartz, former Art Department faculty member.  They met in the 1960s and studied together during many summer workshops.  Wildenhain then began teaching Luther college students through workshops and lectures.  In 1969, Wildenhain was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree by Luther College.  The college received 51 pieces of pottery from the artist in 1973 followed by a collection of her drawings in 1981.

The Wildenhain concentration at Luther College continues to expand.  Many of the pieces were and continue to be donated by alumni of Marguerite Wildenhain's Pond Farm School. During summer 2002, 15 ceramic works by Wildenhain were donated to the Fine Arts Collection by Javis and James Fortmann, participants in three Pond Farm summer workshops between 1966 and 1971.  In September 2002, a covered jar was donated by Ed Traynor, Pond Farm alumnus of 1957.  In 2008, Carol McFarlan, another former student, donated a self portrait sculpture made by Wildenhain.