Todd Hayes

"Todd Hayes currently lives and works in Logan, Utah where he is the Ceramic Studio Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty Member at Utah State University. Prior to his position at USU, he served as the Studio Technician and as an Associate Faculty Member at Collin College in Plano Texas. Todd earned his MFA from Wichita State University and his BFA from Utah State University." Artist Statement: "Fundamentally I approach my work as though it is a set of problems that need solving. Design and utility are the primary elements I consider and use to determine the spirit of my pieces. I work in series and sets, which compels me to expand an initial idea into a variety of designs. Throughout the process I allow materials and mistakes to inform me. Guided by an aesthetic of clarity and restraint, my wares are imbued with a sense of quiet sophistication and simplicity. Elegant linear refinement lends poised beauty to my functional tableware."
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