Peter Moran

Peter Moran was born in Bolton, England, in 1841 to a family that was to produce an unparalleled legacy in American art. Peter's siblings included the artists Edward (b. 1829), John (b. 1831) and Thomas (b. 1837). The painters Edward Percy Moran and Paul Nimmo Moran were his nephews and his sister-in-law was Mary Nimmo Moran (wife of Thomas). The Moran family immigrated to the United States in 1844 and settled in Philadelphia. Peter apprenticed as a lithographer and by the late 1850s was sharing a studio with his brothers Edward and Thomas. He began exhibiting his work in the early 1860s and eventually began to emerge from the long shadow cast by his brothers, gaining recognition primarily as a painter and etcher of animal subjects of the domesticated variety: cattle, horses, dogs, barnyard fowl and donkeys.
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