Robert Emerson Huck

From memorial exhibition catalog published by Oregon State University: Robert Emerson Huck was born February 26, 1923 at Kalispell, Montana, the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Milton Huck of that city. After completing high school in Kalispell he served with the Signal Corps, Army of the United States, November 1942 to November 1945. He was married to Dorothy Schroeer of Duluth, MN, June 1948. Their son, Clayton, was born November 25, 1958. Death came tragically in an automobile accident on March 13, 1961. Education : University of Montana at Missoula 1946-1950; Colorado College and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, BA 1950-1952; University of Colorado, Boulder, MFA 1952. Studied with Jean Charlot, Alden F. Megrew, William Johnstone, Peppino Mangravite, John Heliker, Boardman Robinson, Howard Cook, Wendell Black, Edgar Britton, Paul Burlin, Lynn Wolfe and others. He was a Fulbright Fellow in Italy 1954-1955. Awards (Painting) Purchase Awards : Northwest Annual 1948; Joslyn Museum 1950; Alabama Watercolor Society Medal 1950; Colorado State Fair 1950; Taylor Museum in Colorado Springs 1950; Butler Institute of American Art 1953; Portland Museum 1955; Seattle Art Museum 1956. Exhibitions : (group) Joslyn Six States Show 1950-1952; Artists West of the Mississippi at Denver Art Museum 1950-1952, 1956-1957; Corcoran Biennial 1951; Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston 1951; Birmingham Museum of Art 1951; Institute of Art and History in Albany 1952-1953; Paul Sergent Gallery in Charleston, IL 1952; Brooks Memorial Gallery 1953; University of Georgia 1953; Great Stories of Man at Denver Art Museum 1953; Artists of Oregon at Portland Art Museum 1955-1960; Northwest Annual Exhibitions 1955-1959; Fulbright Artists Exhibit at Duveen Galleries 1957; Oregon Centennial Exhibition 1959; Pacific Profile at Pasadena Art Museum 1961. Exhibits : (one-man) Chapman House in Colorado Springs 1950; University of Colorado 1952; Galleria Il Camino in Rome 1955; University of Redlands 1956; Portland Museum 1957; Willamette University 1957; Oregon State University at Corvallis 1955-1957, 1959. (Printmaking) Purchase Awards: Northwest Printmakers International at Seattle Art Museum 1953; Bradley University Annual 1953; University of southern California 1953; University of Minnesota 1953; Library of Congress 1953-1958; Portland Art Museum 1955; Henry Gallery at University of Washington, Seattle 1956-1957; Bay Printmakers National in Oakland 1958; Pasadena Art Museum 1958; Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris 1959; Victoria and Albert Museum 1959; Silvermine Guild National 1959.
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