Robert Finn

Robert Finn, born August 16, 1949, earned a BA degree in art. After two years in the Peace Corps, he and his wife, Kathryn, established a pottery studio in 198- called Robert Finn Porcelain Ceramics in Grass Valley, CA. Robert attended the workshops founded by Marguerite Wildenhain for four summers. The Frog Vase which Robert and Kathryn donated to the Pond Farm Collection was created in 2000. It is made from porcelain, wheel-thrown, cut out, incised, and painted with stains and oxides. It was glaze fired to 2350 degreesF using clear, crystalline and crystalline wattle glazes. The vase features a green frog crouched in a pond with a blue butterfly and grasses nearby. The grasses are cut out of the clay providing an open-work effect. Colors of pale gree, tan and white predominate.
Source of Biography
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