Hunt Prothro

Hunt Prothro earned his BA degree in Theology and Literature from Hanover College in Indiana in 1971. He attended the summer Pond Farm workshops founded by Marguerite Wildenhain from 1972-1978. He also attended the summer workshops at Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass, CO from 1993-2001. From 1973-2003 he taught art part-time at the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. Between 1984 and 1998 he was a Resident Artist in the Artist-in-Education Program of the Maryland State Arts Council. He was also a part-time instructor in 1991 at Deep Springs College in Deep Springs, CA. Prothro has exhibited widely but especially on the east coast. His works are in museum collections and galleries and have been featured in various publications. Prothro works and lives in the studio he built in Washington County, Maryland. He states that he “works in cone 10 porcelain using washes of stains and underglazes over a textured pattern. The glaze is usually a thin solution of pure Gerstley Borate which resembles a patina more than a glaze. The inside of the pot is often painted in counterpoint to the exterior, related, but distinct. The rim is a third area, a point of transition; it’s a zone of change with all the attendant hesitations and gestures of finality. The Porcelain Bowl which Prothro donated to the Pond Farm Collection has a formed rim which is pinched in two areas. Created in 2002, it is formed from stoneware, wheel-thrown, altered and textured. The bowl contains a series of indentations which are finger marks pressed into the clay. The exterior is designed with incised marks with green and orange colors washed over the surface. The interior features a geometric abstract design with a red half circle and blue circle inside it. Incised green lines zig-zag across the interior. The foot is black with a bright blue ring above it. The bowl is part of his “Blue Dot” series.
Source of Biography
Ripples: Marguerite Wildenhain and her Pond Farm Students. Curated by Billie Sessions. San Bernardino, CA: California State University, 2002; Pond Farm Collection: Works of Art Created by Students Who Studied with Marguerite Wildenhain at her Pond Farm Studio. Text byJane Kemp. Decorah, IA: Luther College, 2003
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