Bruce Stillman

Bruce Stillman was born in 1958 in Minneapolis, MN. He began producing art while still in high school and attended Northern Illinois University from, 1976-77. At that time he returned to Minneapolis to establish himself as a full-time sculptor. Within three years, his pieces had been featured in Vogue, People, and on the CBS Morning news program. In 1980, he graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design Extension, and did further work at the University of Minnesota Extension in 1984. Stillman’s work is often kinetic in nature, carefully constructed and balanced so that slight changes in air pressure or touch will set them in motion. Stainless steel is a favored material. ”I approach motion,” Bruce explains, “as an added dimension to three dimensional sculpture, and interpret my style of motion as having a lively energy, playing with gravity. I’m interested in the art of pleasant motion, a slow tranquil motion that in some viewer’s judgment, is relaxing and almost hypnotic to watch. My outdoor sculptures move with the wind. In some case, I consider them a tool for the environment to express itself, from the delicacy of the breeze to the power of high winds. Indoor pieces are operated manually by starting the bottom weight swing, while the counter weight slows the motion.” Stillman’s work has been widely exhibited and collected. Corporate collections include General Mills, Mayo Clinic and the Dayton-Hudson Corporation. His numerous private collectors include movie producer and director Robert Altman, Henry Mancini, and the artist Yaacov Agam. Outdoor kinetic sculptures by Stillman are also in the permanent collections of the Kansas City Art Institute and Upper Iowa University. In 2003, Stillman, along with fellow artists, built a 12-hole miniature golf course on Stillman’s property in Minnesota. "I've always liked doing landscape sculpture things, wild stuff," Stillman said. "I'm always asking myself how you can do truly functional art. Somehow it came to me to apply the recreation of mini-golf with the sculptures."
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