Savannah Horn

Raised in a small IL town, Savannah Horn enjoyed a quiet upbringing filled with nature and (too) much introspection. From a very young age, books and sketching were a source of escape from a world deemed too loud. Being raised among religion, “Big Questions” concerning truth, the nature of reality and one’s place within it were often a source of contemplation. While much anxiety was bred from these existential ponderings, it also led to a thirst to discover what others had to say. Horn’s studies at Luther College took her first to the drawing studio and then to the study of the philosophy of religion. These studies led to the conclusion that meaning is found within the questioning itself. For Horn, this questioning is done through the process of making. Utilizing a variety of mediums including graphite, gesso, pen, and gold leaf, her work strives to question our perceptions of reality and to reach toward the unknown. Savannah Horn graduated from Luther College in 2017 with a B.A. in Art and a minor in Religion. More work can be found at and on Instagram at
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