Jenni Petersen-Brant

My understanding of beauty is rooted in my rural mid-western upbringing and my parents’ emphasis on family bonds, respect and hard work. My work affirms life and is a reminder to celebrate the trivial, the tragic and the triumphant. My work is intended for gatherings of family and friends. While on display they serve as daily reminders of times spent with loved ones and symbols of special moments to come. These are functional pots, despite their delicate appearance. Symmetrical forms establish sturdiness and utility, while the fragility of their handles and edges and the precariousness of the feet are reminders to handle the work –and life—with care. Smooth, luscious, and transparent surfaces and lace decorations suggest formal use, though these pots are appropriate for everyday domestic life. While made by hand, my work emphasizes the beauty of the object over the identity of the maker. The pots are individually crafted from start to finish, using only the wheel, draping molds and my hands as tools to make parts that are altered and assembled into complete pieces. The damp green ware is then decorated with colored slips and finished with luscious glazes and opalescent luster. They are inspired by the pottery of ancient Persia and Sung dynasty China, as they challenge contemporary masculine ceramics. Colors remind us of flesh and of candy; things that are sweet, good, and that stir desire.
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