Bianka Groves

Bianka Groves currently lives in Minneapolis where she makes work out of her home studio. She has lived in California, South Dakota, Illinois, and in the mountains of Colorado. Groves received her BFA from Corcoran College of Art & Design in Washington, D.C. Her work is simple and calm; it is intended to add balance to a fast-paced world. There is a bold contrast between the white of the porcelain and the incised black lines, but her sense of touch is very delicate. Each piece shows Groves’ hand at play. She uses a mishima process, which entails covering the piece in wax, and drawing through it with razors or acupuncture needs to achieve a thin, constant line, painting the carved areas in black glaze and wiping off anything that is not in the lines. This creates a tattoo-like effect on the clay. Her high-fire porcelain wares are polished after firing to create a satiny, soft touch.
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