Juliana Rempel

Juliana Rempel is a Canadian Ceramic Artist based in Bragg Creek, Alberta. Through both installation and site specific work, Juliana creates ceramic sculpture inspired by ceramic household objects. She explores the relationship between objects and the space they inhabit, questioning how it is we find meaning through the distance between familiarity and ambiguity. Born in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Juliana attended Emily Carr University in Vancouver, British Columbia where she received her BA in Visual Arts and Cardiff School of Art and Design in Wales, UK where she completed her Masters in Ceramics. "I create ceramic functional beauty, sculptural work and installations that are greatly influenced by everyday objects and the traditions of Still Life. Exploring the relationship between familiarity and ambiguity, these silent objects look to find a voice within their frame. Inspired by the ability of the everyday to renew in us an act of knowledge, my groupings create new platforms for these objects to exist. Striving to honor the silent bystanders of our day, the compositions allow objects to emerge from the shadows, posed and poised. There is a beauty found in the shapes and colors that compose the settings of our day. Within the soft and muted colors of the mundane, there is a silence. Through the silence, vivid colors and shapes emerge to create a disturbance among the stillness." - Juliana Rempel
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