Andrew Rush

Andrew Rush was born September 24, 1931, in Detroit, Michigan. He attended the University of Illinois, where he studied graphic art and intaglio printmaking, earning a BFA degree in 1953. After serving as an Infantry Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1953-1955, he studied at the University of Iowa, Department of Art. He received his MFA in 1958, spending two years as a graduate teaching assistant with printmaker Mauricio Lasansky. For a year he studied printmaking in Florence, Italy, after being awarded a Fulbright Grant in 1958. From 1959-1970, Rush was a member of the Art Department faculty at the University of Arizona. According to his website, he taught workshops and master classes at numerous art schools during the next decade. In 1992, he founded The Drawing Studio, Inc., “an independent association of artists and art students dedicated to the study of drawing” which he described as a Tucson Artist Cooperative. Rush notes on his website that he has always maintained “a personal studio production and an active participation in professional life as an artist.” He has exhibited widely in print and drawing exhibitions and created book illustrations. He also has produced program cover art for various theatre and musical groups in the Arizona community. Rush has created public art for corporate and private groups and individuals. The drypoint executed by Rush in the Fine Arts Collection, “Little Cityscape,” was shown in the Fine Arts Festival exhibit of April 17 through 25, 1959.
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